Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Thoughts On... [First Physics Test]

Sorry I haven't been on lately! Between school, work, home, and other things, I have been extremely busy. 

One of the biggest concerns I have is my first physics test in my Physics I with Calculus class. 
Okay, so maybe it isn't this bad, but it sums up how I feel! 

I have the tendency to kinda "panic" before tests, and my confidence tends to waver like a candle in the wind. It's not a very good habit, and I really need to get through this anxiety, but I don't really know how. No amount of studying really helps, it just happens before most math/science-y tests. I don't really know why that it either, because I am a math and science person. I work as a math tutor, and am an engineering major, so this is a habit that should be broken ASAP! Maybe it's a fear of failing in what I've decided to dedicate my life to? I'm really not sure. Maybe I'm some sort of glutton for punishment. Whatever it is, I would like to get to the bottom of this issue, so I can feel more prepared and confident when it comes to testing. Does anyone else have these problems or ideas to help fix them? 

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