Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day.

My Valentine's Day was absolutely amazing. Since Dan and I are both pretty busy on Mondays, with school and work, we celebrated it on Sunday. It started off with me wearing a dress, (which does not often happen!), & gift exchanges; I was given pink roses, (the time I've received them other than from a dance recital), chocolates, a triceratops to cuddle with (triceratops is my favorite dinosaur), and a nutella, EXTRA crunchy peanut butter, (he knows me too well), and banana sandwich. We then drove to the mall and went shopping, and went to see The Mechanic. It was a pretty good movie, for those like me who are more into the action-y sorts of films, and went to Carraba's to eat. Afterwards, it was nightfall, and Dan and I went to the beach, wrapped in a Bugs Bunny comforter, and we looked at the stars. It was the perfect day. 
This is Skylar!


My beautiful flowers. 

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