Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Confessions

Okay, so maybe these aren't confessions, but are more of little-known facts. But here we go: 

1) I am obsessed with dark chocolate ice cream. It is probably the most amazing treat to satisfy my sweet-tooth.  

2) I am a sucker for strong, muscled arms. I really, really am. They are just so hot and make me feel safe and I don't know, but they are a definite plus in guys. 

3) I hate dirt on my feet. I could care less about mud, grass, or sand, but dirt is a NO. 

4) I enjoy math. [Especially calculus!] 

5) I secretly hate not having anything to do. It bores me and makes me feel unproductive. 

6) If I could be fully accepted by society and not have future job opportunities hindered or affected, I would be covered in tattoos, with the exception to the face and neck. On that note,  I absolutely love Kat Von D and think she is beautiful. 

7) I sometimes get really scared and overwhelmed about my future and think I will fall on my face. 

8) I would absolutely adore being famous, to an extent. I would love to be well-known, but not famous like the Kardashian sisters or Lady Gaga or someone, where my toilet tissue can fetch tens of thousands of dollars or where the dixie cup I drank from is absolute treasure to some poor, misinformed, brainwashed mind. 

9) I cannot stand politics. I have my own views and opinions, but I will rarely, if ever, discuss them. It's not that I'm uninformed or ignorant, but I don't see the point in starting an argument or making enemies over something silly. The same usually goes with religion.

10) I hate it when I cannot have some sort of control over my future. And most oftentimes, I don't have any control.   Pin It

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