Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Famous People

1) Paris Hilton- So I can accidently hit her or spill wine or something on whatever she's wearing. 
2) William Shatner- He cracks me up, and I doubt Paris would like sitting by him.
3) Robert Downey Jr- I can stare at his handsome self all night.
4) Enrique Iglesias- I can stare at his gorgeous face when I'm not looking at Robert. 
5) Gerard Butler- I can listen to his accent all night long and can stare at him when I'm not staring at the above-mentioned. 
6) Albert Einstein- He and Feynman (below) would have a grand-old time talking. And he's pretty much one of the most epic dudes ever. 
7) Richard Feynman- My all-time hero/the most brilliant man ever has to sit on my other side.  Pin It


  1. Where's Tesla?
    He would be amazing crazy scientist entertainment.