Thursday, March 3, 2011

Babies, ER's, & Crocheted Things

Before I start with Day 22, I must summarize my birthday. The early morning of the day was spent with Dan, as he was sick and needed to be taken to the ER. After being there for what seemed like forever, I left and caught a couple of hours of sleep, and then had to go to class. My first class went by without me passing out, and I had a couple of hours until my extremely long physics class. In that couple of hours, Aya and Els, (you can find them at Escaping Reality and Kiss me.) came to surprise me! Aya and Dan had organized it, but he could not be there since he was sick, but it was an awesome surprise. Aya had some amazing things she crocheted for me (a hat, gloves, stars), and a cinnamon roll cell phone charm, and Els bought me this beautiful dress. (Thank you guys!) Then I went to physics class, and my professor, who knows Dan, said that I could leave during the lab part of class; she could tell I was exhausted. I still had my night class, though, so I ran some errands and struggled to stay awake during the calc class, then finally got home that night, where I got sick. But, my baby cousin, Caleb, was born at 1:41 yesterday morning, on my birthday!!! I hoped for the longest time that he would be born on my birthday, and he was! Best present ever. 

Caleb & Grants Pants!

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