Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye's Stink.

It's just that plain and simple. Daniel had to leave today to go to his medic schooling in Texas for the next four months or so, and although I am very excited and happy for him, I of course had eyes that resembled leaking sink faucets, (or Niagara Falls, it's all relative). Even though we'll be able to talk on the phone this time around, (and you guys have no idea how much this excites me!!), I'll still miss him.

We've had a lovely past couple days together. We spent New Year's Eve and day together, both which were wonderful, and I got to take him to the airport this morning. I'm taking his leaving much better this time than I did when he left for basic the first two times, probably because we'll have much better ways of communicating. Overall, I know we'll make it through this and I'll be okay.

Us on New Year's Eve
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