Monday, February 27, 2012

Violence in Schools.

I was reading on Yahoo today about a deadly shooting this morning in an Ohio high school, and in the article, something stood out to me. A student recounts the events in this article, saying that the boy, who was described as quiet and going through a "goth phase", had started firing in the cafeteria during breakfast. Five students were shot, one of which regrettably died, but the part that gets me is this:
  "Chardon student Evan Erasmus told WEWS that a student had tweeted that he was going to bring a gun to school, but that no one took him seriously." 
Now, the name of the student who started shooting has not yet been released, though he is in police custody. But, if the student who tweeted this is the same student that brought the gun and was shooting students, why wasn't this threat taken seriously?! I know that people say stuff all the time like, "Oh, I'm gonna kill myself if I get a bad grade on that paper" and "Ugh, I just wanna kill him", etc, and threats like these are highly desensitized in modern society, but "I'm gonna bring a gun/bomb/whatever to school" should be not treated so lightly! It oftentimes seems that in similar, preventable cases like these, the shooter says something. They tell someone, they post it online, they let somebody know in some sort of fashion, and nobody listens. Tradgedies like these are totally preventable if we don't act so nonchalant towards violent messages like these. Am I off base in my thought process?

The article I read can be found here: Chardon High School Shooting Left 'Friends Laying All Over the Place'

As much as I love Harry Potter....

If you have known me throughout any time of my life, you probably know I LOVE Harry Potter. It was a huge part of my childhood, I read all of the books more times you can count, to the point where the hardback covers would break off and the pages would split. I really wore my Harry Potter books out. I love the movies just as much; Harry Potter was a big part of my life, as nerdy as that is.

Despite my love for Harry Potter, however, I have always been a little troubled of how Harry actually defeated Voldemort. Voldemort was the most powerful wizard OF ALL TIME. Dumbledore was the only wizard more powerful than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. How does Harry Potter, a wizard who is still in school, reasonably defeat him? Even Aurors, some of the most well-trained wizards, can't defeat him. So how does a mediocre student wizard defeat him? Harry doesn't know any impressive spells or advenced wizardry, yet he constantly survives attacks by the most badass wizard out there. If it weren't for sheer luck and help from his friends, Harry would have never gotten as far as he did.

But I still love you Harry. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friends, shopping, and car washing.

Yesterday I got to hang out with one of my dear friends Rachael. It was wonderful spending time with her, we don't often get to because we go to different colleges. So we went to the mall, and caught up on everything that's been going on. While we are at the mall, I bought a super cute navy blue sweater! I love it, it's very versatile and comfy.

Today I've caught up on watching television, with my two current shows, 'Smash' and 'Are You There, Chelsea?' I also gave my car a well-deserved wash, and now I'm just relaxing. SO that was my weekend! How was everyone else's weekend?

Rachael and I. 
Us again! (And I was not driving as this was taken.) 
My beautiful car, Fiona.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starting the day off the right way...

With an awesome breakfast. I love cooking and baking, but one of my favorite meals to cook is breakfast. I don't know what it is about breakfast, but there is nothing better than an amazing meal first thing in the morning. You can have eggs, bacon sausage, muffins, pastries, bagels.... every breakfast food is wonderful and delicious. 

These are pictures from breakfast this morning. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My busy, busy life.

I feel horrible about not regularly blogging when it's one of my favorite things to do, but I have been overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with being successful in college. You know, like studying, and doing your work, going to class... School is a lot of work, especially in intensive majors like the one I'm in.

So as of late, my time has been dedicated to my classes. I'm taking Calculus-based Physics II, its lab, Intro to Engineering, Computer Programming, and Business Ethics. My physics lecture has a lot of online homework assignments, and we've recently started on electrical circuits, and my goodness, I do not understand much of what's going on. It's not so much the math, but interpreting the diagrams and figuring out what to do that's hard. My physics lab requires a good bit of studying as well, because we have quizzes every week based on the lab we are about to do. Computer Programming just stinks. We have quizzes and programming assignments, and I have no issues with the programming, but the quizzes are really difficult. I really study the text and the powerpoints, but it seems that the quiz questions come out of nowhere. They don't seem to be based much off the text or lecture, so I am having difficulties with those. Intro to Engineering is the only class that is a bit fun; the lecture portion so far has not been very stimulating, but the lab portion is awesome because we actually get to build stuff. We're building a Rube Goldberg machine right now, I'll post pictures when we have our section built.

Between all of this, there is also time to eat, attempt to sleep, and try to stay sane and maintain somewhat of a social life! Oh, college.

To summarize: