Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My busy, busy life.

I feel horrible about not regularly blogging when it's one of my favorite things to do, but I have been overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with being successful in college. You know, like studying, and doing your work, going to class... School is a lot of work, especially in intensive majors like the one I'm in.

So as of late, my time has been dedicated to my classes. I'm taking Calculus-based Physics II, its lab, Intro to Engineering, Computer Programming, and Business Ethics. My physics lecture has a lot of online homework assignments, and we've recently started on electrical circuits, and my goodness, I do not understand much of what's going on. It's not so much the math, but interpreting the diagrams and figuring out what to do that's hard. My physics lab requires a good bit of studying as well, because we have quizzes every week based on the lab we are about to do. Computer Programming just stinks. We have quizzes and programming assignments, and I have no issues with the programming, but the quizzes are really difficult. I really study the text and the powerpoints, but it seems that the quiz questions come out of nowhere. They don't seem to be based much off the text or lecture, so I am having difficulties with those. Intro to Engineering is the only class that is a bit fun; the lecture portion so far has not been very stimulating, but the lab portion is awesome because we actually get to build stuff. We're building a Rube Goldberg machine right now, I'll post pictures when we have our section built.

Between all of this, there is also time to eat, attempt to sleep, and try to stay sane and maintain somewhat of a social life! Oh, college.

To summarize:

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