Monday, February 27, 2012

Violence in Schools.

I was reading on Yahoo today about a deadly shooting this morning in an Ohio high school, and in the article, something stood out to me. A student recounts the events in this article, saying that the boy, who was described as quiet and going through a "goth phase", had started firing in the cafeteria during breakfast. Five students were shot, one of which regrettably died, but the part that gets me is this:
  "Chardon student Evan Erasmus told WEWS that a student had tweeted that he was going to bring a gun to school, but that no one took him seriously." 
Now, the name of the student who started shooting has not yet been released, though he is in police custody. But, if the student who tweeted this is the same student that brought the gun and was shooting students, why wasn't this threat taken seriously?! I know that people say stuff all the time like, "Oh, I'm gonna kill myself if I get a bad grade on that paper" and "Ugh, I just wanna kill him", etc, and threats like these are highly desensitized in modern society, but "I'm gonna bring a gun/bomb/whatever to school" should be not treated so lightly! It oftentimes seems that in similar, preventable cases like these, the shooter says something. They tell someone, they post it online, they let somebody know in some sort of fashion, and nobody listens. Tradgedies like these are totally preventable if we don't act so nonchalant towards violent messages like these. Am I off base in my thought process?

The article I read can be found here: Chardon High School Shooting Left 'Friends Laying All Over the Place'

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  1. "He just snapped" is a much repeated and debunked myth. There are *always* warning signs leading up to violent outbursts like the one in Chardon, and the fact that it happened means the warning signs were ignored. No one wants to believe their kid (or their brother or their friend) has metamorphosed into a murderous, self-absorbed goblin. The price of self-delusion has been paid in blood.

    1. Very, very true. It's very sad that people turn a blind eye and are ignorant to these things.