Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life as of Late

As school is rushing to a close and summer is quickly approaching, I've been very busy lately with finishing up my spring semester here at UNF. Life has been jam packed filled with things, and it has been very exciting!
I have been recently elected as the vice president of the UNF chapter of ASME, (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). It's a very awesome opportunity to get involved, and I have a lot of ideas for the club. I have a few ideas for potential tours the club can go on, and hope we can get more involved with the professional section of the club. I also got to go to SPDC, the professional development conference of ASME, this past weekend, which was definitely a learning experience.

I also got the honor to speak at UNF's First Generation Scholarship luncheon last week. I am a recipient of this scholarship, and met many influential people and donors as a result. I greatly enjoy public speaking and had a blast, being able to go and speak in front of such an amazing crowd. 
My classes are also coming to an end soon, so I've been busy trying to get my work done for those classes. My intro to engineering class still has one final project, building a balsa wood bridge, and we only have a few weeks to do it. I also have one final programming assignment, as well as another quiz, test, and our final in that. Physics follows a similar suit, and I have a paper to write for business ethics. I also have internship stuff to take care of in preparation for summer. So much stuff in so little time! 

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