Sunday, April 15, 2012

That one dreadful class.

Have you ever taken a class that you just don't like? That no matter how hard you try, the information does not come naturally to you and you have to work extremely hard to understand what is happening? That's how I feel about my computer science class.

We do C programming in this class, and it's just such a difficult class for me. I understand the theory behind what needs to be done and can write pseudocode, but I always get slaughtered when I actually write the programs. If it weren't for examples in my textbook, I would never be able to get a code to run! The syntax and figuring out exactly how you write loops and arrays and various parts of code is just so confusing to me. But I can say I've probably put more effort into trying to understand this information than I have in most of the other classes I've had to take. Thankfully, my final for this class next week, and I just have to make it a little while longer.
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