Monday, May 14, 2012

Vanity Fair

I came across the movie Vanity Fair last night on Netflix, and as a diehard Pride and Prejudice fan, I was instantly sold on the premise of a 1820's English love story. Now, when I watch movies, I get very... involved. I'm kinda like the typical jackass who can't hold back my thoughts and opinions in the theater, and I can get very emotional while watching movies. So I watched this movie, and subsequently went on an emotional roller coaster. It was an excellent movie, but it was so angering and thought provoking.

Vanity Fair movie poster
Spoiler Warning!
The basic premise of the movie is as followed: Rebecca Sharp is a poor girl who schemes of climbing the social ladder of English society. Strategic alliances, heartbreak, pain, and betrayal are all obviously involved. Initially, Rebecca's wit and charm wins you over, but as the movie progressed, her scheming ended up causing the death of the man she truly loved, losing her son, and causing all sorts of heartache and hell to those around her. But in the end, she gets her happy ending.  Although she is the main character, I had a great distaste for her by the end of the movie. I respect that Rebecca won't let anything get in the way of getting what she wants, but at what extent does it no longer become worth it? After her husband leaves, her son is taken, and her husband dies, you would think she would maybe reconsider her thoughts or methodology. (George Osborne, who dies in the movie, also has this type of personality.)  But she doesn't. Much like Catherine in The Vampire Diaries (a show I adore), she only looks out for herself, without regard to the toll it takes on others.
End of Spoilers.

Unfortunately, I think this ideology is too prevalent in society now, as well, and if people started focusing on the needs of others as well, rather than just taking a solely self-centered approach, there would be much less grief, drama, and trouble in the world. It's simply just respecting other people. I know you can't always spare the happiness of others, but characters like these just take impeding on others to a whole new level.

Phew! How's that for opinionated? Maybe I should watch less movies.... Pin It

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