Friday, May 4, 2012

A very happy birthday to a lovely friend!

I would like to wish a happy birthday to a very dear friend of mine, Kellie! Kellie runs the blog On the Brink of Something Beautiful, and was the one who introduced me to blogger. I've known Kellie for a few years, and she is very kind-hearted, sweet, and genuine. She's been there for me during some trying times in my life and has always been there for me. I always have a blast when I'm with her, and I am very fortunate to call somewhere like her my friend. Happy birthday Kellie!

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  1. awww thank you!! haha i had forgotten about most of those photos. awesome!
    love you smalls!

    1. Love you too! <3 Aren't they awesome? I went through a bunch of my old photos and found them!