Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interning at GE Transportation

I hate that I have not been blogging as often as I would like to lately, but I have been terribly busy as of late. I'm spending this summer interning full-time at GE Transportation, located here in Jacksonville. The past two summers, I interned at NASA's Kennedy Space Center full-time, (an endeavor I never got to chronicle on here, although I must, and shall, write a post about some of my times there!), but this summer, I stayed in town.

I am working as a signals engineering intern, which is a pretty specialized area of electrical engineering. Although I am a mechanical engineering major, I am using this opportunity to expand both my knowledge and experiences, to become a more well-rounded engineer. Here at GE Transportation, we work with:
Well, the Jacksonville location doesn't work with actual locomotives, (we are a smaller location; however, the HQ in Erie, PA does work with locomotives), we work with the signals aspect of railroads. When I say signals, I don't particularly mean railroad crossing signs or things like that. The work that is done here allows the trains to navigate safely as they navigate the rails. As an intern here, I'm being exposed to a whole new area of engineering I never even considered before. It's also very different from my experiences at NASA, and I like that I am seeing a new area of engineering.
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