Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach days

I love the beach. It's one of my favorite places to be. When I'm at the beach, there's not a worry on my mind and I am completely relaxed and free. The sand, the ocean, the shells...everything about the beach is perfect.  Thankfully, living in Florida, I'm never too far from the ocean! These are various pictures I've taken while relaxing at my favorite place.

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  1. It looks so peaceful there. The weather looks great, nice time to go swimming. Is it your dog in the picture?

    1. Yeah, the weather has been wonderful for swimming. The water is perfect. And yes, that's my dog. :) Her name is Probie.

    2. Is he a labrador? I got a dalmatian dog named Pongo. Btw, how do you make to those font design in post title (Beachdays)? I'm trying to improve my blog design, I hope you won't mind. Thanks!


    3. Yep! She's a black lab, I've had her ever since she was a tiny puppy. I love dalmatians! I bet Pongo is gorgeous. I didn't make the font design, I picked it from the blogger customize design thing. If you click on "view blog" from your blogger dashboard, click "design" at the top right, then "customize". Then click "advanced", and you can customize all the colors and fonts. For the post titles, click on "post title" and select your fonts and colors! I'm using a font called "pacifico". Hope this helps!