Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's in my purse?

I just bought this glorious new clutch on sale from Aldo Shoes (found here). Isn't it gorgeous? I absolutely love the print and the size. It's big enough to carry my stuff, yet just small enough that I can carry it. It also came with a convenient detachable chain to make carrying easier.

But transitioning from my Betsey Johnson purse to the clutch was a bit different! This is the purse I've been carrying for a while:

Can't you tell I love bright prints?
The clutch, although big for a clutch, still holds significantly less than my Betsey Johnson purse. This is what I normally carried in my purse:

Pictured above: my wallet, headphones, gum, keys, meds, lipstick, change, pens, a mirror, headband, pocket knofe, SunRay Cinema pin, First Aid kit.
Now it's just my wallet, keys, mirror, headphones, a pen, and a few bandages/first aid stuff. I also can't carry water or anything large in the new clutch, but I absolutely love it. 
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