Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why the everyday person needs a good space program (a must read).

Have you ever used cosmetic products? Used bluetooth or any wireless headset, fed an infant enriched child formula, used a cordless vacuum? Do you have scratch resistant eyeglasses? Did you know these were developed and modified due to space exploration?

For those of you who don't know, I am a big advocate of the sciences. I truly believe in funding science programs, promoting STEM education, and funding one of the nation's greatest agencies, NASA. Most everyday people don't understand the importance of our space program, and why important it is to keep funding it and to not cut its budget. I won't go into the scientific and global reasons why a good space program is needed, but rather, why the average Joe, needs it.

NASA impacts us everyday. Before I mentioned a few ways that NASA has impacted our daily home lives, but it impacts cities and so much more. All of these are known as spinoffs. "Spinoffs" are technologies used as a result of space exploration and NASA research. For ever dollar invested into NASA research, you get between seven and twenty-two dollars in return technologies. (Plummer, NASA Plan Needs a Little Spin) NASA gets less than 0.05% of the national budget, yet it is a vital entity in everyday life. 

One of my favorite spinoffs is in cosmetics. Moon technology has been used for skin care! The digital imaging processing that helped create 3D maps of the moon has been used by cosmetic (in particular, Estee Lauder) and pharmaceutical companies to create safer, more effective, and better cosmetics and medicinal skin treatments. How cool is that?

From the moon to cosmetics, NASA improves life on every level.  (Source.)
Imagine how life could be impacted if we increased NASA's budget, rather than constantly cutting it. The world could be a much better place! What are your thoughts on space & NASA? Comment below!

To learn more about NASA's impact on our daily lives, and about NASA spinoffs, check out the links below. 

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