Sunday, October 7, 2012

A tribute to Niels Bohr.

Have you checked out the google homepage today? It's a very awesome tribute to the 127th birthday of Niels Bohr! 

Niels Bohr is one of the most influential physicists of the 20th century. He made major contributions to particle physics and atomic theory. (Does anyone remember Bohr's hydrogen atom from chemistry? Well, this is the guy that came up with that.) He was one of the most celebrated scientists in his day. 

In 1922, Bohr won the Nobel Prize for physics for his work on investigating atomic structures. He was friends with Albert Einstein, and mentored Werner Heisenberg. He worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb during WWII, and would seek out a then young Richard Feynman to bounce ideas off of. Feynman was the only physicist in Los Alamos not intimidated by Bohr, and would be blunt if he saw flaws in Bohr's reasoning. Bohr was also one of the founding fathers of CERN! He was such an accomplished and intelligent man, and he left behind a legacy that will carry on for generations to come. 

(On a slightly unrelated note, I'm thinking about adding a badass scientist series... What do you think?) 

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  1. I saw the google homepage yesterday and it made me think of you!! Hehe Xx