Monday, November 19, 2012

Missile, Space, and Range Pioneers Banquet

So this weekend, an awesome friend of mine invited me to accompany him to the Missile, Space, and Range Pioneers Banquet in Cocoa Beach. The keynote speaker was Ron Jones, President and Chief Technology Officer of Rocket Crafters. It was hosted at the Hilton of Cocoa Beach, (the same hotel where I met Bob Cabana and several astronauts at a launch party in the summer of 2011.) It's a gorgeous hotel, right along the beach.

We arrived around 6:00, when the "social" part of the evening was to take place. We walked in and got our name tags, and waited around for people to show up. My friend and I talked to some cool people, including a man who runs a science website. I told him about my blog, it was awesome talking to someone else who runs a site with a focus on science!

I met some students and faculty as well from the Florida Institute of Technology; they were presenting on their lunabot for the NASA Lunabotics competition. Below you can see my friend and his design partner with their 3D printed wheel design mold. Funnily enough, I knew one of the guys on the senior design team from when I interned at NASA. What a small world!

Dinner was served, and it was so delicious. (I could go on forever about the food, but that's irrelevant.) After dinner, two senior design teams from Florida Tech spoke. The first team that spoke is trying to design a rocket that can launch to suborbital heights. The second, the team that my friend is on, spoke of their NASA Lunabot.

Billy, CJ, and their mold

Then Ron Jones, the keynote speaker, spoke. He spoke about his company, Rocket Crafters, and what they are trying to do. Rocket Crafters is developing hybrid rocket motors and a craft that has dual jet/rocket propulsion so it can fly like a plane in sub orbit to quickly transport goods and people. Their website is here: What Rocket Crafters is trying to do is fascinating, and I can definitely see it being an integral part of future transportation and logistics.

Ron Jones 
It was an awesome banquet, and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to attend. Maybe one day I'll be the keynote speaker... ;)

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