Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Adventures

Happy Thanksgiving! How did the holiday treat everyone? I definitely have experienced the most interesting Thanksgiving of my life this holiday season. I spent the day in Enterprise, Alabama with my family. My younger brother is currently stationed out here, and my family decided to spend thanksgiving here with him.

We couldn't get my brother until later in the afternoon, so we spent the morning wandering the marvelous town of Enterprise. Our first stop was the local BP, where we got breakfast. This BP also serves as the town's local food joint; half of the gas station is a restaurant run by two elderly ladies. For $20, we got a huge, home cooked breakfast... In the middle of BP.

This is the BP. It's a normal BP!
Yummy breakfast! 

We then headed to downtown Enterprise, home of the famous Boll Weevil statue. you read that right; the only statue in the world honoring an agricultural pest.

Boll weevil statue, Enterprise Al.

I also took pictures of the downtown area; it was very cute and cozy! I really liked it. After that, my family headed to Fort Rucker to pick up my brother. The surrounding areas were gorgeous; cotton fields were everywhere and the land was beautiful. And seeing my brother was awesome!

I hope all of my followers had a fantastic Thanksgiving as well!

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