Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Up Goer Five"

Explaining the Saturn V in the 10,000 most commonly used words.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

These clothes are outta this world!

What happens when you mix a love for fashion and a passion for space? Some of the most incredible clothes I've ever seen:
Crimson Galaxy Circle Scarf

Galaxy Print Skirts


Galaxy Tight Set: Crimson & Magellanic Tight Set

Shout out to the girls over at Shadowplay NYC for making these (and more!) incredible space clothing. They're a little bit out of my price range, but a girl could wish! Check out their website for more of their creations! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

STEM links of the week

Earth's Highest Mountain Photographed From Space Station
Awesome photo of Mt. Everest taken from the space station

NASA selects three commercial spacecraft as taxis to ISS
Three companies have been chosen by NASA to develop spacecrafts for NASA's Commercial Crew Program

Whoa: Physicists testing to see if universe is a computer simulation
Is the universe, and our lives, just a giant sims game? As unlikely as it seems, physicists are testing this very theory.

Wind Shield: Invisible Air Umbrella Keeps You Dry in the Rain
Crazy wind umbrella to keep users dry in the rain

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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey review

Last night, I went to the midnight premier of The Hobbit in HFR 3D with a friend of mine, and I was truly blown away. I was so amazed by the how incredible every aspect of the movie was. First off, seeing it in HFR (high frame rate) 3D was sooooo incredible, it was literally jaw-dropping at parts. There were many times were I felt like I was in the movie. I can never watch a movie the same way again without remembering that experience. Below is my "review" of the movie.


The movie starts off minutes before where "The Fellowship of the Ring" starts. It's the day of Bilbo's birthday, the day where he famously disappears, and Frodo gets entrusted with the ring. Bilbo is reminiscing and writing his adventures down so he can pass it along to Frodo. You see Frodo, and he talks before he runs off to go meet Gandalf, and Bilbo sits on his porch. Then the movie starts as a flashback 60 years before, when Bilbo and Gandalf meet before their first adventure.

For those of you who have read the book, you won't be disappointed. They stay pretty true to the book. Although the opening scene never happened in the book, it was amazing and gave a really good intro to the movie. There are obviously some subtle differences with the book and the movie, but the few "big" changes, in my opinion, did not hinder the movie at all. For example, there is about a 10 minute scene with Radagast the Brown, a wizard that is only mentioned in The Hobbit but never actually seen. It was a big change that I was at first a little uncomfortable with, but it wasn't a bad change. Radagast was very quirky and I instantly fell in love. Saruman and Galadriel also appear in the film, despite not being in the book, when the company stops in Rivendell. There is a meeting of Elrond, Gandalf, Galadriel, and Saruman, which foreshadows to The Fellowship of the Ring (FotR). I believe it was a great scene to help tie The Hobbit to the FotR.

The rest of the changes were again, minor and subtle; they weren't big "game changers". I've seen plenty of movies that were based on books that were very loosely tied to the book or had MAJOR changes that completely affected other parts of the movie, but there wasn't really any of that in The Hobbit. The casting was also really good. I LOVED Martin Freeman as young Bilbo. He did a really excellent job of portraying him. (I also really loved the casting of the Kili.... I never thought I'd be attracted to a dwarf but dayum! that guy is attractive.) Overall, I say it was an excellent movie and am excited about the next two parts to come to theaters!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

To sum up the past semester...

So, it's absolutely official: my first semester of engineering classes is over! Every semester goes by more quickly than the previous. It's been a crazy semester, but I made it through. I got my final grades, and it actually turned out to be my best semester yet! I made 3 A's and 2 B's!

I learned a lot this semester, and not just from my classes. I initially started off the semester taking 16 credit hours, but I withdrew from one of my classes because I was not doing as well and learning as much as I thought I should. But I was still in 5 classes, and attended the class I withdrew from every day.

My favorite class this semester was materials science. I learned a lot about material properties and I really love the material covered in that class; I'm actually considering going to grad school for this! I also really enjoyed thermodynamics.

On top of my classes, I also worked part time at the Jacksonville Public Library and have worked as the vice president for our university's section of ASME. This semester, ASME has elected a new president, hosted an awesome talk by the Air Force's former chief scientist, Robert Sierakowski, and hosted a tour at the local Budweiser plant.

Next semester should be just as productive as this semester. I am taking several classes, and have also been asked to lead a research team by one of my professor's. I'm very excited!

Now some pictures that sum up the semester:

UNF ASME 2012!
Rocky Horror Picture Show with the roomies!
Blue ink dotter exploded on me at SWE Bingo.

The Catastrophic Catapultors 
Meeting Burt Rutan!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update to "Greatest tattoo that ever was"

Hey everyone! So, remember when I posted about this tattoo over on the post, "Greatest tattoo that ever was?" ?

Well, I mentioned in the post that I did not know who the artist was that did that fantastic piece, but I have finally found out who did. Dan Henck over at Deep Six Laboratory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the fantastic artist that tattooed that piece. His website can be found here; his tattoo shop, here.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

STEM links of the week

Messenger discovers ice on Mercury, baby
TONS of ice has been discovered on Mercury!

ISS drives rover on Earth via the Internet, and why that's cool
"Interplanetary internet" has been used to drive a rover on Earth, giving the potential to radically change communications between Earth and Mars.

Man communicates with doctors after 10 years in a vegetative state
Doctors have been able to communicate with a man in a coma via MRI.

Super-Giant Black Hole Baffles Scientists
A black hole has been found that takes up 59% of the galaxy's center, (making it the second largest to be found), and challenges conventional ideas of how galaxies form.

Elon Musk clarifies: 80,000 colonists on Mars per year
Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, wants an ideal 80,000 colonists of Mars every year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


How is everyone doing? My finals are finally over and I am so happy to finally have a break from the chaos. My last final was this morning, but I'll elaborate more on this later! As I do every month, this is my update on things! 

Loving: That the fall semester is over! I now have a month to relax, research some things, and not stress about classes! 

Reading: I recently finished A Storm of Swords, and now am reading A Feast for Crows. I'm also going to try to read The Hobbit before I go to the midnight premier!

Listening to: I've been listening to a lot of Breaking Benjamin lately. They're one of my favorite bands. Their acoustic version of Diary of Jane is incredible. 

Anticipating: The midnight premier of The Hobbit! I'm going with a friend to see it in 3D; we've been looking forward to it for months. Hard to believe that it's just around the corner!

Thinking about: Grad school. I've been thinking a lot about grad school lately, and trying to figure out where I want to go/what I want to study and do for research. I hope to look more into this over the break. 

Watching: I'm watching Elementary as writing this! I love the Sherlock Holmes-type drama. I've also been watching a lot of The Vampire Diaries (I'm LOVING the Damon-Elena relationship!), as well as Doctor Who. 

Working on: Nothing much now! I will be working on a few different things over the break, mainly research-based.

Wishing: I'm wishing for a nice, relaxing break, among other things!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sending holiday postcards to the International Space Station

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas rapidly approaching, people are starting to get into the holiday spirit. (Though it's not quite cold enough here in Florida for me to accept the reality of the holidays!). NASA, being the awesome people they are, have set up the chance to send holiday postcards to the International Space Station crew who will be spending Christmas in space! They are online postcards (no snail mail to space), but it is definitely a nice opportunity. You can send the postcards here:

And if postcards are too "old-fashioned" you can tweet the crew as well. (@NASA_Astronauts)
I'm definitely sending a postcard, let me know if you do as well! Feel free to spread the word.