Thursday, December 13, 2012

To sum up the past semester...

So, it's absolutely official: my first semester of engineering classes is over! Every semester goes by more quickly than the previous. It's been a crazy semester, but I made it through. I got my final grades, and it actually turned out to be my best semester yet! I made 3 A's and 2 B's!

I learned a lot this semester, and not just from my classes. I initially started off the semester taking 16 credit hours, but I withdrew from one of my classes because I was not doing as well and learning as much as I thought I should. But I was still in 5 classes, and attended the class I withdrew from every day.

My favorite class this semester was materials science. I learned a lot about material properties and I really love the material covered in that class; I'm actually considering going to grad school for this! I also really enjoyed thermodynamics.

On top of my classes, I also worked part time at the Jacksonville Public Library and have worked as the vice president for our university's section of ASME. This semester, ASME has elected a new president, hosted an awesome talk by the Air Force's former chief scientist, Robert Sierakowski, and hosted a tour at the local Budweiser plant.

Next semester should be just as productive as this semester. I am taking several classes, and have also been asked to lead a research team by one of my professor's. I'm very excited!

Now some pictures that sum up the semester:

UNF ASME 2012!
Rocky Horror Picture Show with the roomies!
Blue ink dotter exploded on me at SWE Bingo.

The Catastrophic Catapultors 
Meeting Burt Rutan!

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