Sunday, April 14, 2013

Geek Photo a Day: Week Two!

Hey everyone! I've been so busy preparing for finals that I haven't had much time to blog (this will be fixed as soon as finals are done!), but I am still keeping up with the geek photo a day challenge! Below are the images for this week:

Day 8: What's in my purse/wallet: I have very few things, including my wallet, my cards, lipgloss, a Tide stick, a headband, checkbook, gum, and a mirror.

Day 9: Portal orange: I don't own many orange things, but my favorite sticky notes are portal orange!

Day 10: Your patronus: My patronus would definitely be my favorite animal, a dolphin.

Day 11: Stripes: I LOVE STRIPES! My glasses and blanket are both striped, as well as many other things I own.

Day 12: Favorite Pixar film: UP. I love Up! It makes me cry every time, and it's too cute.

Day 13: Illustration: How is that for geeky? My little sister drew the Weeping Angel picture, as we are both huge Doctor Who fans.

Day 14: Board game: This was tough, but my favorite board game is Super Scrabble! Clue is a very close second, however. Pin It


  1. I LOVE Up! Your glasses are super cute :)
    My Patronus would be a Giraffe xx

    1. Thanks! I love giraffes, they are so cute. I love feeding them when I go to the zoo.