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Book Review: A Feast for Crows


This is only the second time I have done a book review on this blog (I barely have time to read entire books nowadays for pleasure), but I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED A FEAST FOR CROWS. For my regular readers, or anyone who has read my "Currently" posts in recent months, know I have been reading this book for a long time, and I am very happy to finally have gotten through it all.

The other books in the ASOIAF series did not take me nearly as long, but for the longest time, I had trouble getting into this book. This book is actually the first half of two "sister books". A Feast for Crows had gotten so long, that GRRM split it in half, with the following book, A Dance with Dragons, running in parallel. Half of the characters, (and coincidently, all of my favorite characters), are not in Crows. But once I got through the first few chapters of each character, the book started getting much better, in my opinion. You get great details of new adventures, and a deeper look into many characters.

My favorite character to read about surprisingly became Cercei. Although I loathe her, Cercei is downright fascinating. She is very twisted and evil, but all with the interests of her children at heart, which lead her to do many crazy things. She is still plagued by her fears of Tyrion, thinking that she is the younger brother that she will die from (referring to the old witch's prophecy of Cercei's life), but the ending of the book makes me think otherwise. She is still very much alive at the end of Crows, but she is not exactly in power anymore at that point.

I also loved the greater look we see into characters in Dorne. Several new characters are introduced, and it is really, really cool in my opinion to see how the events in King's Landing are affecting the people so faraway in Dorne. Arianne Martell is also a new favorite of mine and I hope her role continues to grow throughout the series. She is a very awesome character and I would love for her to rule Dorne, or even be one of the heads of the dragon. (I know this is INSANELY unlikely, but she was technicallysupposed to marry Viserys, and the head of the dragon could be a spouse, as Jorah mentioned in the first novel. She would be prefect alongside Dany. They are like my OTP, in a non-romantic sense.)

Arya gets even more badass in this novel, but her storyline doesn't develop too much until the very end of the novel. The one storyline that absolutely BORED me, despite my love for the character, was Brienne's. Much like Arya's storyline, it didn't develop much until the end. Now, the ending was CRAZY and so fast, it was quite the head-turner and jaw-dropper, but I thought it was extremely slow and repetitive up to that point. I also hated every storyline related to the Iron Islands. They really don't interest me that much. Sure, the entire Euron-Victarion-Dany tie together was kinda interesting, but that won't be developed until later novels. I pretty much dislike all of the Iron Islanders though, so I am very wary of what will happen when my favorite character gets tied in with them. (Especially if one of them becomes one of the heads of the dragon. I'm thinking Jon, Tyrion, and/or Arianne are the best potential characters, but GRRM loves throwing in twists you never see coming.)

Overall, A Feast for Crows was another excellent piece of literary mastery by George R.R. Martin, although I would not call it my favorite out of the four I have read so far.

What do you think of A Feast for Crows? Do you agree/disagree on any of the points I made? I would love to hear feedback in the comments!

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