Saturday, May 18, 2013


Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the weekend. I hope you enjoy this month's "Currently" post! If you have any thoughts or comments, stop by the comment section!

Listening to: "Save Rock and Roll" by Fall Out Boy
Loving: That it is summertime! Even though I am taking a couple of classes this summer, it is still a break, relative to the much heavier course load in the fall. The weather is also fantastic!

Reading: My circuits textbook. I know that may not seem like the most exciting thing, but I am still waiting for the library to get my copy of A Dance With Dragons.

Listening to: FALL OUT BOY! Their new album is amazing and perfect for summertime!  

Anticipating:  The NSRC conference! Not only am I presenting, but there will be plenty of other space-minded people like myself, as well as many cool sponsor companies. It will be an invaluable opportunity for me to network with others in the suborbital community.
Watching "The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius"

Thinking about: My circuits homework.... Kirchoff's Laws, anyone?  

Watching: I've been watching all of my usuals lately, but the greatest new show I've found is Kal Penn's Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius. It is a competition show of engineers competing for a cash prize and a one year contract at WET. As an engineering major, I think an engineering show like that is fantastic! 
Working on: Finishing the design I'm presenting at conference, my presentation, and my circuits homework. 

Wishing: For certain things to work out. If they do, I shall write about them later, (I don't want to jinx myself!)
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