Tuesday, May 28, 2013

STEM links of the week

Old Mars rover finds more proof of possible life
The "old" Mars rover Opportunity has found a rock that could have favorably hosted life in the Cape York are in a time when Mars hosted water.

Astronaut Packs Crafts for Creative Space Station Trip
One of my favorite astronauts and idol Karen Nyberg is launching to the International Space Station for a six month stay, and is bringing her love of sewing with her.

Scientists identify the mystery killer behind Ireland's potato famine
The strain of potato blight that caused the notorious Irish potato famine has finally been identified by scientists, and it isn't the "usual suspects".

This Incredible Full Scale Lego X-Wing Is the Largest Model In History
An absolutely mind-blowing full scale replica of the Star Wars X-Wing spacecraft was constructed from over five million lego bricks. Reinforced with metal components, this beauty took about 4 months to construct.

Hubble Telescope Reveals True 3D Shape of Ring Nebula
New Hubble images show that the Ring Nebula is not quite ring shaped, but more "jelly doughnut" shaped.

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