Monday, June 3, 2013

A mile closer to space (NSRC 2013 pt.1)

Greetings from Broomfield, Colorado!! I am currently at the Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC). 

I'm presenting at the conference on my research at UNF, "Experiment for peristaltic flow in microgravity". It's pretty much a small-scale bioreactor to study bone cells in space. (I can talk more about this in another post if people are interested.)

I am so excited about this trip. I've always wanted to go to Colorado, and I finally have the chance. Colorado is such a beautiful state; the weather is wonderful and the mountains are breathtaking.

Not only do I get to attend and present at the conference, but my research advisor for my materials research has gotten me in touch with former students of our school who are now at Colorado School of Mines, and I'll get to tour there. School of Mines is on my list of potential grad schools, so this will be a very awesome trip. 

The conference has been crazy awesome so far. I've met a lot of cool people in both academia and industry, and have heard a lot of inspiring and informative talks. I'll post more about the specifics of the conference proceedings (as well as my presentation!) in a later post. 

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