Monday, June 10, 2013

Calling all builders, designers, inventors, and creative folk!!

As an engineering student, I love to build. As a person with a passion for space, I love NASA. As a person who is still a child at heart, I love Legos. What happens when these three glorious things come together?

Magic Science happens. 

NASA and Lego have teamed up in a contest for teens and adults everywhere (must be at least 13) called "NASA's Missions: Imagine and Build". This contest's goal is to design and build a vehicle based on an existing NASA Mission. Each design needs to be accompanied by a technical paper that describes how the existing NASA technology has been incorporated and changed in the design. 

There are multiple ways to win, but the contest ends July 31! 
You can read more about the contest here: 
NASA and Lego want you to design the future of flight for them

Or read the NASA release, rules, etc, from the NASA site here:
NASA Partners With the LEGO Group for Design and Build Contest

Happy building!

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